Take Care of Your Nest Egg

I was going through some images I made in my studio several years ago in the woods of northern New Mexico. I had painted a wooden egg copper and coated it with liquid that would make it look like the Statue of Liberty. The bunny I bought from a craft store and the ceramic egg was a gift from a friend. I remember distinctly using my Nikon D300 to make this image, on an overcast day, thinking how much I loved doing what I called photo illustration.

I had titled it, Take Care of Your Nest Egg. I must have had a sixth sense that something was coming to rock the economy off its high horse. And things did topple a few months later.

Today I see this title not as one of looking after one’s finances so much, but looking after the nest egg that is our essence, our energy, our gifts, our talents, our ability to create and share with one another. That’s a most precious nest egg to be taken care of.

This image was made exactly 9 years ago today. I have not seen it since. Until today. Synchronicity. Magic. Timely.

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