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“I keep thinking about you and re-listening to various resources from the modules. It really is a fabulous program that you designed!”

—Esha C.


The one-on-one coaching and personal development program known as the IDEA Progam has just become a self-guided online course. This course contains the same inspiring and empowering material, formatted so you can work and play through it in your own time. The 8 modules each come with audio guidance from me to accompany the worksheets. Everything is downloadable. Once you enroll you have lifetime access. This means that you benefit from all the updates and new material.

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“I absolutely loved working in the IDEA Program! In her own gentle and delightfully humorous way she helped me get to the roots of self sabotage around putting myself out there with confidence, doing something I love. She gave me wonderful tools to continue to access my creativity and joy, which I know will serve me in my continued journey of self discovery, through the complete makeover of my offering in the world.

I highly recommend what Elsa offers with MySojournal!”

 —M. Daniel, High Health Now!


“My work with Elsa provided a container for me to become very clear with what type of clients I wanted to attract to my Nia dance classes.

Over several weeks we worked on this together, and I was given valuable assignments to help me connect with my vision. These assignments and projects also helped me get more in touch with my fears and other limitations that might hold me back from accomplishing my vision. It was a very deep and rewarding process. Elsa and the MySojournal™ IDEA program was an inspiration and valuable course, and now my classes are filling up!”

—Barbara Miller, BarbaraMillerMovementTeacher.com


“Working with Elsa was a joy! The MySojournal IDEA Program is so full of inspiration, delight and empowerment, truly.  I loved doing my homework. The program took me through a flow of delightful and challenging exercises, helping me hone in on my purpose, overcome obstacles, and create an action plan to make my idea real.

Elsa has a wonderful gift for connecting with people; gently supporting, encouraging, and enabling clarity of one’s true self. She helped me to see my gifts, to value them, and to figure out ways to share them with the world. I wholeheartedly recommend Elsa’s program for anyone looking to create positive change in their lives!”

–Katie M,  Entrepreneur and Artist


“I’m grateful for the help and guidance the MySojournal program gave me, and continues to give me. I can apply the basic template to other projects and areas of my life. What Elsa has laid out is very thoughtful and very productive. It works very well with the artist’s mind.”

–E. O’Connell,  Artist and Professor of Photography, Flagstaff, AZ


“My MySojournal experience with Elsa was right on time. These were unsettling days in my life. In doing the “work” within the IDEA program a much needed grounding point was uncovered… myself. I was both ready and resistant. All of that fell away in natural time as I worked through the modules. The result was like opening a window and inhaling fresh air! Faulty beliefs and doubt began to fall away. My perspective shifted. I learned patience with myself and out of it clarity, creativity and pure desire soared.  Now I am witnessing dreams come true in my work and in my life (and I am not finished dreaming). Jump in. Gratitude guaranteed. Thank you, Elsa.”

–Jamie Berry Klein, Nia Instructor, Black Belt, and Somatic Movement Guide


“Elsa has a gift for bringing out people’s gifts and helping them shine. I felt unstoppable while working with her and now have a whole new tool chest to achieve my goals.”

–Esha Chiocchio, Sustainability Consultant and Documentary Photographer


“I have known Elsa since we were in our early twenties. I have always had a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for her. She is someone who is always on a personal quest for self evolution and creative expression. She has also consistently demonstrated that she is astute at implementing great projects, including her own companies and consultancies.

Fast forward a few decades. I have been experiencing great challenges and, more importantly, a great reinvention of my life. Before I even heard about Elsa’s MySojournal Program, I sought her out as a lifetime friend I knew I could turn to for gentle wisdom. She told me about her consultancy and I jumped right in! Elsa’s 8-stage strategy could not have provided a better fit for my needs.

First off, the methodology is very understandable. Each step in the process is a “themed” combination of inspirational speakers and writings (podcasts, videos, movies, articles), along with assignments designed to engage the client in contemplation and expression. It is “homework,” and the more you put into it, the more resources for Elsa’s insightful interpretation and the client’s progression.

Secondly, Elsa revealed each week’s theme and content, just one step at a time. Although the general structure is explained at the beginning, the details of each stage remain a mystery. I loved this element of surprise! This strategy allows the client to focus on the projects at hand, and build on the layered foundation of the methodology as it is rolled out.

With every phase, I felt Elsa had tapped into my amorphous ideas to bring forward exactly the exercises and clarity needed to help me thrive and succeed! Working with her was a very, very rich and rewarding experience. The project, with which I came to Elsa for advice, went from overwhelming and onerous, to tactical and attainable. She is so intuitive. I feel energized in bringing my ideas to fruition!”

–Ken Smith, Environmental Designer and Artist, San Francisco | Paris


“When I began working with Elsa I felt terrified to step out on my own and start a new business. She guided me with such gentle loving kindness and I began to see that I did indeed have value/worth and much to give.

Within and through the weeks we worked together with the IDEA program we planted seeds deep within to grow and sprout a new me after digging through the muck and mire of the old me.  Many old wounds came up for further clearing and Elsa’s compassionate laser-focused guidance helped me to release and really believe in and actuate the possibilities of expressing my Soul essence through opening my own business.

It was truly a transformational experience and a huge gift to work with Elsa!  Anyone choosing to work with Elsa will be so very blessed on many levels, as one cannot put a price on authentically valuing and believing in oneself again.”

–Debra K., Licensed Massage Therapist


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