I have always been an entrepreneur at heart.

As long as I can remember, I’ve loved designing things, physical things and ideas, finding creative solutions, and exploring possibility. And I loved stories. Swiss Family Robinson, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and To Kill a Mockingbird  were some of my favorite films as a kid, and Pippi Longstocking was my idol. She had her own place near the sea and could do whatever she wanted, and she had a pet monkey.

I was born in the United States and moved to England with my family when I was 10-years old. A few years later during the school holidays I found a job as a waitress at the Budgie Café, a transport café on the way to the Knebworth Pop Festival near London.

It was the summer of 1976 and a group of long-haired guys came in and ordered burgers. I innocently asked them if they were going to the pop festival.

“Goin’ to it, honey? We’re in it”, one of them said in an American southern drawl.


This Earth, Wind and Fire girl had no idea who they were.

“Who are you, then?”

I felt like a dweeb.

I remember the guy who was speaking looking at me a little oddly, as if to say, how could you not know who we are? But he was nice enough.

“Why, we’re Lynyrd Skynyrd”, he smiled at me.

And that’s how my working life began. Being in the right place at the right time, having exactly the experiences I needed, whether I was cutting silk in Dickins and Jones’s fabric department (London), drawing elevations of military-barrack urinals at 1/32″ scale (Honolulu), designing software manuals at the advent of desktop publishing (San Francisco), or doing photo book press checks for Arena Editions (Santa Fe)

in Iceland

in January

in the dark.

Or Singapore

in July.

It has been rich with so many rewarding experiences far exceeding my expectations. In many ways I feel as though I’m just getting started.


If you would like to see how I moved to New Mexico, worked as a photographer’s assistant, and then co-created a photography book publishing company from next to nothing, I invite you to click here and watch the movie I made to share that story.



If you would like to browse through a book I created from my photographs of candidate Obama and and his wife Michelle’s visit to New Mexico in 2008, you can see that here.



Out of curiosity I recently made a list of all the occupations I’ve held from which I actually made a living. I was pretty good at most, not so good at others, and excelled at a few. I share them with you now only so you get a feel for the life experience I’ve collected which has enabled me to create a business like MySojournal, and share what I’ve learned with


Perhaps there is something you will resonate with, and perhaps I’ll be able to inspire and empower you to use your talents and skills to create something that brings you as much satisfaction and joy as I feel from creating my dream business.

Please feel free to Contact me if you have any questions.

I am here for you,

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My Current Life as a

Personal Development & Creative Business Coach
Marketing and Idea Development Consultant
Nia Movement Instructor

My Former Lives as a

computer software assistant
administrative assistant
office manager
store manager
Little League photographer
wedding photographer
event photographer
buying office clerk
retail sales associate
interior designer
graphic designer
art gallery assistant
photographer’s assistant
art director
creative director
book designer
production manager
movement instructor
community college teacher
visual artist
architectural draftsperson
workshop instructor
dance photographer
web designer
course creator
wellness products distributor
non-fiction book author


If you would like to learn more about the online, self-guided How To Create Anything Course click here.


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