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I created MySojournal to share stories and images as I journey along my creative path, and to help you create your life, your business, your project, from an authentic place that not only inspires you, but empowers and delights you.


MySojournal is a compound word created from My-Soujourn-journal, and to me it means living from your true essence, authenticity, your story.


As a writer, designer, and Personal | Idea Development Creator I am passionate about creating products and services to help you live from that which sparks Y.O.U. 


Together we turn the old “Go, Do, Get” mentality on its head, instead inspiring and guiding you to







E  X  H  A  L  E




MySojournal is the home of

The Inspiration Station,

The Department of Delight,

and The Bureau of Empowerment.



At the Inspiration Station (Resources and Blog) and the Department of Delight (Blog), you’ll find writing and resources to inspire you and help you share your story. At the Bureau of Empowerment (Courses) you’ll find courses, little and larger, to help you break through obstacles, create clarity, and become bodacious enough to share your gifts — for fun or profit, or even fun and profit.



How to Create Anything is an inspiring personal and idea development course designed to help you move through obstacles, create clarity, and design a strategy to create, share, support, and sustain you as you develop and manifest your idea.


Click here to see how this course could give you the inspiration, the guidance and the strategy you need to create a project, a business, or even a new way of being.


I created this course to inspire and empower… you.


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Elsa Kendall | Creator and Founder, MySojournal™


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